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YettyFoodie Fast Food & Catering Services

YettyFoodie Fast Food & Catering Services

YETTY FOODIE Fast Food & Catering Services is the idea of executive chef Yetunde Olowu, a young and vibrant chef who believes in changing the catering industry with the innovative ideas on culinary experience for all guests. The company is based in Lagos and is also an Off site catering company which caters for all event in Nigeria, and gradually expanding into neigbouring countries (West Africa).

We pride ourselves in guest satisfaction and will stop at nothing to supply the best services, the best cuisine and the best event. Exceeding the guests’ expectation is our joy. In doing this, our services go beyond cooking good foods, but also how we present our food.

Cooking is a beautiful thing and we always show this is all our menu. Every single customer must go away with the taste and the experience, that’s our sole goal.

1.1 Objectives

  • To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • To increase the number of client’s served by 40% per year through superior service.
  • To develop a sustainable start-up business.

1.2 Mission

  • To provide the customer with the finest catering services with the very best memories of our tasty Meal.




Vegetables spring rolls

Battered Prawns

Chicken Breast wraps


Chicken, beef or fish

Pepper soup served with bread rolls


Chinese Chicken fried Rice

Thai Rice Shredded beef in green pepper sauce

Shredded chicken sauce

Pineapple prawns sauce

Sweet n sour shrimps sauce

Singapore noodles

Curry, chicken and potatoes cassorole

Stir-fried pork

Oriental mixed vegetable

Rice Steamed vegetable

Mixed vegetable salad


Jollof Rice

Fried Rice

Ofada Rice (Served with ofada sauce)

Special Fried Rice

Moi Moi

Fried Plantain

Vegetable yam pottage Beans (Served with plantain, pepper sauce stew)

Pounded yam



Amala with Gbegiri, Ewedu


Egusi (Fresh fish or Assorted meat)

Okra (Fresh fish or Assorted meat)

Ogbono (Fresh fish or Assorted meat)

Afang (Assorted) Banga (Assorted)

Efo Riro(Assorted)


Pepper Roasted Mackerel

Grilled Whole Croacker fish

Grilled whole cat fish

Grilled Drum sticks

Grilled succulent Chicken Laps

Char Grilled Chicken Rice

Skewered Bacon wraps

Chicken Kebabs

Peppered Goat meat (Asun)

Skewered Peppered snails


French Fries

Sweet potato Chips

Yam Chips

Fried Plantain

Roasted plantain(Boli)

Yettyfoodie fast food & catering services

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