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Peppered Kpomo Sauce

Peppered Kpomo Sauce

Got a call from a client on friday evening that she wants peppered kpomo sauce & she’s taking it to a party yesterday (Saturday),I had to leave what i was doing & go get the ingredients from her house that evening…After coming back from her house, i went straight to the kitchen & started cooking right away…I boiled the blended tomatoes & pepper that Friday night to avoid it getting spoilt because it was already blended by her…And finished the cooking on Saturday early morning so that it wouldn’t get so cold before she comes to collect it..πŸ˜„

The only problem i had yesterday was the kpomo, it was too hard & it was frustrating cooking it 😭πŸ˜₯,I had to call her immediately & ask what kind of kpomo she bought & she said cow head,I almost cried my eyes out because cow head takes time to cook & it has a hard skin 😒😳 but I’m happy i achieved it because of my mum that gave me a helping hand.. I made a promise to myself that I’m definitely getting a pressure cooker soon…The kpomo experience was a disaster but thank God it turned out successfully well & she has already collected it yesterday & called me later in the evening that all her friends liked it & wants something similar to that,I was so happy yesterday ☺😜

peppered kpomo sauceHere’s a snapshot of my successful peppered kpomo sauce..

Now let me show the Step by step instructions for this recipe:

Ingredients for peppered kpomo sauce:

Cow skin(kpomo)

5 fresh tomatoes

10 red fresh peppers (atarodo)

1 tin tomato paste

Half cup of chopped onions

1 tsp curry

Salt to taste

Seasoning cubes

1 tsp Ginger & garlic paste

Vegetable oil


Instructions for preparing peppered kpomo sauce:

  1. Wash your kpomo thoroughly to remove dirt & sand (You can use a knife for this process).
  2. When You are done with that,cut them into chunks..Pour them into a pot,add water,seasoning cubes,onions & garlic & ginger paste..Cook them until they are soft & chewy..
  3. Drain the kpomo from the stock,pour them in a tray or bowl & leave them to get cold because you will be cutting them into small bite sizes later..
  4. Blend onions,fresh tomatoes & fresh peppers together, pour them into a small pot & cook them for 5-10 minutes..
  5. Dissolve your tin tomato paste with water in a small pot..
  6. Once the kpomo have cool off,cut them into small bite sizes..
  7. Heat up vegetable oil & fry the kpomo a little..
  8. Heat up another vegetable oil in a pot,add chopped onions, tomato paste & stir fry for 2 minutes…
  9. Add the cooked tomatoes & peppers, stir everything together, add seasoning cubes,a pinch of salt & curry.. Leave it to cook for 5 minutes.
  10. Then pour in your fried small kpomo into the peppered sauce,stir everything together to make sure the kpomo is properly covered with the peppered sauce..Leave to cook for 2-3 minutes & it’s ready..
    Peppered kpomo sauce
    Your peppered kpomo sauce is ready to be served..


I’m 100% sure your families & friends would definitely love this just like my client.. Give me a feedback on your own success of this recipe..

Bon Appetit 😝😜





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