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Be A Good Cook

Be A Good Cook

When I was growing up I learnt how to cook and I remembered the first thing I cooked was stew, then later I learnt how to cook beans and soup. It was fun doing it and I’m used to it now. It’s so disappointing when you find out that most people don’t know how to cook and they say that it’s stressful, making up flimsy excuses so that they can eat out. I’m not saying that it’s wrong eating out, it’s always good to go out once in a while and have fun with your friends, husband, children,wife and so on. What I’m trying to say is that we should always try to make an effort to have a healthy life.

Even if you can’t cook, make out time to teach yourself how to cook; practice, learn, watch food shows, read food blogs or get a cook book.

Let me tell you this story, I was in the market getting food stuff when all of a sudden a lady tapped me on my shoulders and asked me, “I’m sorry sister but i need your help here. What are the Ingredients for cooking stew and how can I cook it ?”. I was so shocked that a lady could be asking me such questions but I’m happy that I was able to help her out that day and give her the details of everything she needed.

Being a good cook is an important step in everybody’s life and it’s always good to experiment recipes by going online to visit food blogs, read cooking books,watch cooking shows and create time for your cooking skills. It’s also very important for us to know what to do in our kitchen and how to have a unique and delicious recipes. Here’s my cooking tips on what to do in your kitchen:

  1. Try to season your meat some hours before cooking, this will give your meat a tastier result.

  2.  Onions are very well known to add a richer flavor to cooking, so make sure you have them close by when cooking.
  3. Always cook with fresh meat, fish, chicken and vegetables, to avoid food poisoning.
  4. Learn to understand the kind of cooker you have. That way you’d know the cooking time for each recipe.
  5. Always store your food and ingredients properly to avoid insect, rodents or microorganisms
  6. Choose the pots you are using for your cooking very carefully, this could help prevent your food from getting burnt unnecessarily. Always go for thicker pots, don’t get carried away by the beauty of the pot.
  7. Never make the mistake of using metal spoons or forks on non-stick pots or pans; they always leave scratches and also spoil the pot,use wooden sticks or silicon options.

  8. Always make sure to clean up your cooker when you are done cooking,so that the cooker won’t spoil …

  9. Not everybody likes spicy foods, so don’t use too much spicy Ingredients when cooking.

  10. When you are done cooking your food,leave it to cool off before serving them in containers to preserve them in your fridge and make sure you always put on your fridge.

  11. Always preserve your soups, because it’s not good to warm them everyday, it’ll kill the taste of the soup.

  12. Always check what you are buying in the market because some of them maybe unhealthy.

  13. Wash your hands before cooking or feeding your children.

  14. Wash your kitchen utensils before using them.

  15. Warm leftover foods before eating them

  16. Always check for expiring dates before buying canned foods.

  17. Don’t cook when you know that your favorite TV series or movies is on because that’ll cause a lot of distraction when cooking. Make sure you’re not distracted when in the kitchen.
  18. Always make out a cooking time table for yourself and also for your household.
  19. Always visit food blogs,get cooking books,watch cooking shows and know the measurements of different spices.
  20. Prepare tougher recipes. Once you start to become more familiar with cooking and recipes, you can set out to tackle more complex recipes. You might ruin one or two recipes as you work your way up to become a good cook. The point is to learn and overcome from difficulties in the kitchen. 
  21. Seek out reliable recipes. You need to read recipes before you can start to experiment in the kitchen. Even those cooks you know who claim they don’t use recipes, have read their fair share of recipes and even have some saved. A great way to find reliable sources is by researching a specific recipe.
  22. Cook all your meals. Improve your cooking skills by forcing yourself to only eat your own creations. This will help you master your favorite dishes, but it will also inspire you to create new flavors. Cook meals in large quantities to eat leftovers at work.

I have to be blunt about this, we ladies need to get ourselves into that kitchen and show off your cooking skills.Please and please we are all women, set an example for your children, so that they can also be wonderful cooks in future, teach them when they are old enough to understand.

If you get within the habit of cooking for yourself, it’ll sooner or later stop feeling sort of a huge ordeal and become habit. You’ll get quicker at chopping, you won’t have to be compelled to perpetually check recipes and live ingredients, and you’ll intuitively understand once and within which order to feature things to the pot.

The good news is once you’re snug within the room, additional fascinating and complicated recipes begin to sound appealing. This is often not essentially as a result of you learned to like change of state, however just because it’s easier for you.

Once you’ve broken the proficiency barrier you open a world of various dishes and cuisines, unchaining yourself from repetitive stir fries and cooking tedium.

I hope this article will help you a lot and for those reading it, do something in that kitchen, cook delicious meals and if you want to learn, you can use my recipes and you’ll be a perfect cook.

Thank You.

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